Friday, 8 April 2016

Good Oil by Laura Buzzo

Good Oil by Laura Buzzo is a story about the lives of two who work in Woolworths. Amelia is a high school student and Chris is a charming uni student who she has a crush on, but can anything happen?

 The layout is really different from other books. Chris is perspective is told in a diary entry style. Amelia's perspective is in a present tense commentary style. The chapters have amusing/ironic titles, which I appreciated. There also was illustrations of their name badges to say which perspective we were about to read. I loved this little touch!

The characters were very well developed. Amelia is a smart girl, but she's still figuring things out like most people her age. Chris is so funny and charming. His character was enjoyable to read and his feelings about his peers successes and his take on uni life resonated with me (I have most of his thoughts).

Expectations were high but I worried that the ending would leave me feeling flat, but Laura Buzzo did a brilliant job of saving the ending from that terrible fate.

This is Australian YA done well. It's a quirky story great for both fifteen years olds and uni students.

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