Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Crystal Bay Girls conclusion

I read the other book in the Crystal Bay Girls series. Jen Storer is my new writer crush!
I love this series, I wish there were more of them! I know my fourteen year old self would have adored these books if they'd been out back then.

We're so lucky to have fantastic landscapes in Australia. Crystal Bay is described beautifully in the book and the location plays an important part of the story. Reading these books have made me itching to go to the beach again!

This story is set a few months after Quincy's arrival in Crystal bay. Romy is stuck baby sitting, while her Mum appears to be having an affair. Will baby sitting her younger siblings get in the way of rehearsals for her band's first gig? Romy also faces a bit of an identity crisis herself during the novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I wish it could have been longer!  One of the other things I love about these books is the additional illustration at the end of the the book, with the character comfortable in her skin and showing off her look and just for fun there is a quiz to get an idea of your style or personality type. It's a cute addition and will certain appeal to a fourteen year old reader.

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