Saturday, 20 February 2016

Review: The stars at Oktober bend by Glenda Millard

I was so excited to dive into The stars at October bend by Glenda Millard. Glenda is an Australian author and this book is set in country Victoria. The main characters are Alice and Manny. Alice has an acquired brain injury and struggles with her speech, but she writes some beautiful poetry which are woven into the story. Manny is from Africa and has escaped life as a boy soldier, but the memories haunt him. These two characters have a wonderful impact on each other.

The cover is stunning. The pink and blue work really well together. In the background are birds flying and they are part of the story. What really excites me is that the design doesn't end on the cover.

It continues on the inside pages with more of the black ravens and some of Alice's poetry is faded on the page as well. I just love the way design has been used in this special book.

The story is told from Manny and Alice's perspective. At first it was hard to read from Alice's perspective because it was written in accordance with her ability due to her injury, but I eased into it and her writing improves when Manny comes on the scenes. I absolutely love this story. Everyone must read this book! There's so much relevance to our lives in this story, especially with refugees on the political agenda. I cannot wait to read this again. This book is why I wanted to read more Aussie YA because these are our stories and they are told so beautifully.

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