Thursday, 18 February 2016

Review: The Difference Between you and me

The Difference Between You and Me by Madeline George is about two girls who very different and have a physical connection, but then they find themselves in different camps relating to a school issue.

This book has LGBT characters is in it and upon inspection screams everything one wants in a modern society that's rising up against the social problems we no face. 

I was so excited as I got into it, knowing that Jesse and Esther were fighting against corporate American and anti-competition practices. As these are hot issues, especially with all the recent Business failures in Australia of late.

However structuring problems have let this story down. I cannot fathom why Emily and Esther had first person perspective in past tense, but Jesse had third person anonymous narrator, and even then it was different to other third person narrator stories I read, and her chapters just felt wrong. This structure killed it for me. There was also a few lines early in the book that led me to believe Jesse was a trans girl, however she is a female, she just dresses really butch, as I found out later in the book.  I think those lines could have been handled better, as it misled me and I'm sure other readers as well. 

The concept is amazing, however execution has let this story down, I'm a afraid 

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