Saturday, 6 February 2016

Review: Clancy of the undertow

Clancy of the undertow by Christopher Currie came on my radar last year when I'd decided to read as many in Aussie books in 2016. It sounded interesting.

Clancy the central character is struggling with her social stance and sexuality in a country town. Then she has to deal with the fall out after her Dad is on duty as a traffic controller when a tragic accident kills two teenagers.

First off I want to say that there is a huge amount of course language used in it. I don't believe all of it served a purpose. This book took a while to get into then I liked it, then it dipped and my interest waned. Then it would pick up again, but it dipped twice more after this.

There were funny moments that made me laugh and the book also moved me to tears. Personally I believe if a book can move you in that way it has succeeded, at least on emotional level.

I'm not entirely sure if the town was a fictitious Queensland town or not, but it did mention real places, that I was familiar with, one down the road from where I live, which of course gave me a little thrill. The book has a satisfying end, but I was a little disappointed with parts of it.

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