Thursday, 11 February 2016

Quincy Jordan Crystal Bay Girls by Jen Storer

I have already read the accidental princess by Jen Storer, so I was keen to see her work for a slightly older audience.

I absolutely love The Crystal Bay girls!

Quincy Jordan's Dad is a surgeon, her Mum an academic. They live in Sydney and she goes to an all girls' school. Then her Dad leaves them and Quincy and her Mum relocate to crystal bay, a country beach side town and that's when it gets exciting!

I love this book. Jenn Storer is an excellent writer. Quincy has a lot to deal with and she has a lot to learn about relationships, like any fourteen year old girl. The way she works through this is a great read and can teach us all something. I highly recommend this book and I've started on the second Crystal Bay book, which looks at the life of periphery character Romy Bright from Quincy's story.

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