Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Accidental Princess by Jen Storer

I've just finished reading the Accidental Princess by Jen Storer. She's an Australian author with some other works that look interesting. Although she's Australian the story has a very English feel about it.

I was attracted to it's beautiful cover. I found it in the teen reads section rather than Junior fiction. After a little more research the recommended age is ten and up, which I think is a fair call.

There are illustrations inside as well and I just want to say they are truly amazing. Lucia Masciullo is the illustrator and her work honestly took my breath away. This book is a must for the illustrations alone!

SO what is it about I hear you ask. 
Matilda decides to take revenge on her sister and Iris' lucky penny. She hides it in a magical hedge and is branded with a mark, only royalty bear. She and her sister must save the creatures that live in the magical hedge.

Apart from the illustrations the story is great as well! I loved the rich language used in the book, this isn't always something common in fiction for that age group, sometimes even YA can lack a diverse vocabulary. I enjoyed the story and seeing the sisters bond over their experience. The fantasy element is done really well. The diverse mytical creatures was fantastic. Totem Gubem was my favourite. Totem Gubem is a Hedge troll. 

I love this book and older readers will still get something out of it. It depends on the individual but some of the scenes in this story would have frightened me at ten years of age I think, but apart from that this is a fabulous work!

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